Welcome and Here We Go!!!

I am so excited that you have joined in on the fun. Each day, your challenge email will link you to this page where you will be able to watch the daily video lesson, download your daily work sheets and get caught up on any other surprises along the way. 

As you work through the exercises and worksheets, you may have questions or experiences you'd like to share. 

And, that is great. In fact, I encourage that. 

Feel free to come over to my Instagram post for the day and comment there. This way, the others in the challenge can interact with you there, too. 

You can also post your own Instagram image and caption related to your work in this challenge. Please mention me @cathyhuffman9 so I see your post right away. And, use the hashtag #thepowerofiam.

And, if you would like to communicate more privately, you can reply to the email that brings the challenge into your inbox every other day, or go to my contact form here and send me a message. 


Day 1 Video and Worksheets (Click to Play and Download)

Day 2 Video and Worksheets (Click to Play and Download)

Day 3 Video and Worksheets.  (Click to Play and Download)

Day 4 Video and Worksheets. (Click to Play and Download)

Day 5 Video and Worksheets.  (Click to Play and Download)