Peace & Power

​Peace & Power is an empowering and life-changing process that has become an important part of

the work I do with my clients.

Imagine yourself in this place. You have a big project that you want to begin. But you are stalled, you can't seem to find traction, you're hesitant to take the first step. You can't figure out if you are scared of failure or success. All you know is you're hesitating, you're procrastinating, you're feeling like you're not ready.

Now think about what it would feel like to replace your hesitation, your fear, your doubt with focus, confidence, motivation, and an unwavering belief in yourself.

In a gentle and safe environment, I will walk you through the process where you can identify your specific fear. You will be able to be honest about whatever it is that is blocking you from taking action. You'll be able to face it

-- maybe for the first time. You won't resist or deny it any longer. You will begin to see that fear for exactly what it is -- a state of mind that you are fully capable of healing, of releasing, so it no longer triggers a response in you. This is you making PEACE with your current circumstances. 

You will begin to see yourself and your project in a new way. As the old story fades away, you will find confidence, energy, excitement, stamina, focus, and the ability to move forward. And in this new state, you will begin to see solutions and action steps, those steps that will take you toward your goal. You will be inspired to move forward, to really do it this time. This is where the POWER comes in.

And, our work together is just beginning. At this point, you will be able to identify (and write down) the specific goal you want to set and work toward during your one month or three month series of coaching sessions.

And, we will outline three specific steps you will take in your first week of action. Then it's a steady course of taking steps, celebrating successes, identifying new actions to take, and working through and eliminating any new fears or obstacles that come up.


Transformation is taking place, and you are reaching your goal exactly as you designed it.  You are empowered by amazing feelings of self-worth. 


Are you ready to get started, and move forward with confidence and energy? If so, come work with me.