What is Sunday Night Peace?

A small group coaching experience that will help you make peace with those pesky Sunday night blues. Together, we will all take a breath and be honest about where we are. We will turn to centering exercises, I Am statements, and other techniques and ideas to ramp up our confidence, focus, and energy around our coming week. We’ll be inspiring some good juju and some planned action to move you gently into a week of possibilities and opportunities. 

This group is for you if…

  • You secretly or publicly dread going to work on Monday morning.

  • You are overwhelmed by the thought of a new week.

  • You wish you looked forward to the beginning of a new week.

  • You love your work (whether self-employed or employed by someone else), but would like help setting intentions for the week and  holding yourself accountable to your goals.

  • You would like to hit the ground running on Monday morning with an attitude of confidence, focus, and energy

What will we be doing in this group?

Each Sunday evening, we’ll begin by taking a pulse of where each of us is in our anticipation of the coming week. You get to come, and share and accept whatever feelings you have at that moment – fear, overwhelm, apathy, sadness, positive excitement, joy – whatever you are feeling, we will accept you and your feelings exactly as you are.

And, then we will get ready to shift or ramp up those feelings – to release all that is standing in your way, let go of negative mind chatter, and focus on some positive things about your week. I’ll coach you through and teach you different techniques to make peace with where you are, and then shift into and find power to get your week started right. 


You will then set a powerful intention for the coming week, and commit to an action plan (1 -3 action steps) for the week. 

How many will be in the group?

The group will be limited to 4 members. A small group allows for individual sharing and coaching, and we can all really get to know and support each other.

Why group coaching?


In a group setting, we often find that others are wrestling with the same or similar issues, which just makes us feel better. Sometimes, I may offer coaching to an individual and you may find that the message I share is relevant for you, too.  Group coaching also provides an affordable way to work with me. In addition, some group coaching members may choose to work with me individually at my regular private session rates between our group sessions. This can provide deeper work that will bring even greater results. 

What are the details for the calls?

For six weeks, we’ll meet every Sunday evening* with the exception of the Sunday before Memorial Day in the U.S., which is May 28th. The dates for our calls are May 7, 14 and 21, then June 4, 11, and 18. The time of the video call is 7 pm CDT.


*If you are in Europe or other continent and would be interested in a Sunday evening local time, please let me know through this contact form. If a few people are interested in the same time zone region, a group may be added that will fit your local schedule. 

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