5 Ways to Keep Moving Forward Over the Holiday Weekend

As you get ready for your holiday weekend, you may experience some mixed emotions. Perhaps, you are making great progress in your business or you're in the middle of a big project that you don't want to walk away from.

Do you have holiday travel ahead of you? Are there parties and get-togethers, house guests, or children to keep busy? Or, are you beginning a quiet weekend to do exactly as you please?

No matter what your weekend looks like, you may find yourself wondering how to keep moving toward your goals within the flurry of activity and expected "downtime". You may be even thinking about how you can take the extra time of the holiday weekend and parcel out some focused time for your business or your big project. In fact, if you are working full-time and have a side gig you are nurturing, you may see the holiday weekend as a great opportunity to make progress.

​Here's a 5-step plan to keep you moving forward.​

1. Figure out what's possible.Take a look at the activities and schedule for the weekend. Does it allow for some time to work on your project or business? Is it important for you to have that time? Or, are you interested in stepping away fully and reveling in this much anticipated weekend of fun and relaxation?

2. Make a plan (together).

Whatever you desire for the weekend, start now by making a non-negotiable plan with yourself and your companions. Consider a Monday morning focus session while others sleep or go out to breakfast. Maybe you like the idea that afternoon naptime for the kids means social media planning for you. Have a conversation with the others to make sure your ideas can be met alongside what they have in mind for the weekend. This will be especially helpful if your partner is concerned that you are bringing work with you on the weekend getaway. If you have a conversation and agree that you will skip the morning zoo outing to spend two hours creating your opt-in sales funnel or editing your book manuscript, but will be taking the kids to the pool in the afternoon, you leave no room for guessing or resentments. Let the kids know about this plan in advance, and you eliminate surprises, disappointments, and battles. Communicate with the other adults in your party, too.

3. Be present.

Now that you have your plan and others are aware, you can relax and you won't feel like you need to multi-task your way through the weekend. Make the most of your time with family and friends. Put your attention on the kids, the conversation, the fireworks, the fun, and put your phone away. Fully soak it in, and know that you are being refreshed by the people, the fresh air, and all the good stuff that goes along with it.

4. Prepare to UNPLUG.

And, speaking of putting the phone away, are you planning to step away from your device over the holiday weekend? Would you like to fully unplug, or even lessen your screen time? Many people are doing that and benefiting from the break. Be intentional and make a plan. Leave your phone behind on at least one outing. Or, put it on silent. Take a social media break or check it only at night. Let clients know you will be away from email and will respond to messages when you return. Communicate that date with them -- set up your out of office message.

With intention, planning, and communication you are ready for a weekend that will support your efforts and your progress.