5 Instagram Accounts to Check Out Today

I'm an Instagram user and fan. I love scrolling through and being inspired by beautiful photos and vivid colors. I am drawn in by the patterns and images of a beautifully designed brand. And, I love seeing and meeting people who are doing amazing work in this world.

There are millions of accounts to scroll through, follow, like and engage with -- from corporate favorites (@postit and @seejanework) to travel destinations (@visit_coronado and @nantucketphotos) and so much more. I am beginning to carefully curate a group of accounts that I follow.

If you enjoy Instagram in the way that I do, I invite you to check out these 5 particularly noteworthy accounts.

1. @meddyteddy

Who doesn't love seeing an adorable Teddy Bear in yoga poses? Cute as can be, Teddy's mission is to help kids around the world lead healthier, more mindful lives through yoga and meditation practice. You can even purchase your own Meddy Teddy on his website.

Why I'm drawn to this account. Adorable, for sure. But this IG account is so much more. Meddy Teddy -- who is pictured alone or with friends -- does all sorts of yoga poses. And, he does them in beautiful locations. You will see him on the beach, near a tree, in the park, at the Getty, visiting an elementary school -- I love that. You will also see him sporting awesome yoga leggings. And, Meddy Teddy's captions perfectly capture the moment, the mindfulness, and the practice. Called a fluffy yogi by Fitness magazine, you will quickly fall in love with this little guy who has a big message for us all.

One loveable hashtag: #littleandbrave

2. 3words_are_enough

This IG account features daily handwritten inspirational quotes, three words at a time. Delightful, simple and profound, as you visit the page, you will be encouraged to pause and really consider what has been written and shared. This is such a cool concept. The words are center stage, but the lettering, the backgrounds and the photography definitely contribute to the appeal of this IG account.

Why I'm drawn to this account. I love inspirational messages - the shorter the better. I can count on the posts from 3words to be consistently and dependably reflective. ​Interaction and engagement are encouraged. 3words regularly asks visitors to submit their 3 word suggestions so they can be featured in a future post. I did that when I first found the account, and my words were hand-lettered on "the board" a few weeks later. Very cool, (We Are One, pictured below.)

A featured hashtag: #threewordsareenough

3. @littlebluecanoe

Little Blue Canoe is a beautiful IG account that showcases a balance of Canadian imagery and products from artisans, craftspeople and designers. Created by Kelly, who describes her work on her website in this way: "My passion is in making people feel appreciated, celebrating their milestones and acknowledging their achievements. As I began to explore the different avenues in which I could express this sentiment, I realized that I had to look no further than my own backyard." I think Kelly's personality and her passion for this project shine through in her IG posts.

Why I'm drawn to this account. Little Blue Canoe has a beautiful and consistent brand presence. The blue and red styling is peaceful and brilliant. (Who doesn't love red Converse tennies? And canoe-shaped cookies?) Visit this account and you will see breath-taking views of Canada, cool products available on the Little Blue Canoe website, travel and on-location photographs, and fun and interesting people. It simply feels like a beautiful gathering of all things in life to appreciate and love.

A featured hashtag: #canadaloved

4. @sendinghappyvibes

From gorgeous sunsets and snowy roads to a chocolate lab puppy and the Chicago skyline. Bouquets of flowers, road trips, scrumptious looking meals and snacks, a nautical theme welcome mat, a rise and shine mug, and a co-pilot named Theo. Sending Happy Vibes is a charming and likeable IG account filled with hundreds of things to admire, and a few good vibe messages along the way. It is created by Patty who is dedicated to passing along everything happy and fun she sees in the world.

Why I'm drawn to this account. Sending Happy Vibes is a great collection of beautiful everyday sights and unique and memorable moments. I love being able to see all the different things that Patty notices and records for this IG account. It's just plain fun to peruse and that's why I love Instagram so much.

One happy vibe hashtag: #kindnessmatters

5. @ryan.foland

Ryan Foland is a talented communications strategist. I dig his message and teachings, and am just getting familiar with his personal branding material. In addition to images of his life (speaking, traveling, radio interviews, etc. which I love), Ryan's IG account is highlighted by daily hand-drawn stick figure illustrations. These illustrations convey significant messages -- reminders about public speaking, communicating, and living life in a fuller and more robust way. Sometimes they include words he has heard during his interactions with others, and sometimes they are all Ryan. He draws the connection to his own messages and teachings - straightforward yet powerful messages like, "Become a better speaker... by speaking more".

Why I'm drawn to this account. I love the combination of the illustrations and the messages they carry. As I looked closer, I appreciated his captions with the back story of the message and sometimes, the creation of the illustration. I loved his depiction of Perspective is Everything (seen below) and was further amused when I read that he was on a sailboat and created this particular piece with a Sharpie on white Duct Tape.

One fun hashtag from Ryan's sister: #hashtaggedout

Until next Friday, enjoy your time on Instagram and connect with me there.