Love and Accept the Natural Ebb and Flow

I am feeling particularly productive these past few weeks. I often notice the natural ebb and flow of my mood and my productivity. I know there are days or weeks where I will be focused and productive, checking items off of the to-do list, connecting with new people, writing new content, and making unbelievable progress with my clients. Do you notice the same for yourself? Take a moment and think about this. Be the natural outside observer of your current situation. Are you clicking on all cylinders? Are you feeling focused and fabulous? Or, do you feel like taking a nap? This is a natural expansion and contraction in your energy, which impacts your mood, outlook, and productivity. Don't judge yourself for those moments of contraction. You may feel like you are shrinking, like you just don't want to take action, you may be experiencing doubt or fear. Accept that it's all part of the process. In this acceptance, you send a message to yourself that you are OK with the lull. You set yourself up for an even greater level of productivity when your body, mind, and spirit are ready to ramp it back up. Find daily practices that gently bring you back to joy. Find daily practices that bring you back to your own peace and power. Most importantly, be gentle with yourself. Know that this too shall pass. Know that all states are temporary. And as you take even small steps every day, you will reach your goals.