A Cornfield View: Shifting Your Perspective

It's right there. I didn't see it. How many times have we looked and failed to see something that is right in front of our eyes? I took a different route back to my house after an errand last week. I came upon a road; a road that I travel every day. But from this vantage point, this perspective, it looked altogether different. I didn't recognize that view at all. The first thing I saw was a cornfield between the fire station and the strip mall. Traveling from that new direction, it now seemed impossible to miss. And yet, I realized I hadn't really seen this very obvious cornfield in years. For some reason this cornfield seemed to represent something very important to me. It represented something that I value, something that I write about, something I count on in my coaching --- and it is PERSPECTIVE. To me, perspective is one of the most important and valuable tools we have right at our fingertips. I love how a simple shift in perspective can change so much in my life. The cornfield reminded me to slow down and appreciate the way we can look at something with brand new eyes. Rather than drive right by a new perspective that is waiting for us, we can recognize and see opportunities. We can see new beginnings. We can see solutions that were once hidden from our view. I am fascinated by the magical way the mind can easily make this shift. Taking this idea away from the cornfield, I thought about how this can be applied to other areas of our lives. Using this as an example, I am reminded that I can look at almost anything I encounter with new eyes. If I'm feeling bad about not getting to a 6 a.m. fitness class, I shift my perspective and now see the perfect opportunity to take a walk on a quiet summer evening. If I'm worried because my cat is sick, I shift my perspective and am grateful that I am now choosing more healthy food for her (at the recommendation of my vet). If I'm irritated because I haven't found a new job yet, I shift my perspective and realize this extra time away from the 9 to 5 has allowed and encouraged me to do so much including the launch of this website. Where do you want to shift your perspective? Where do you now want to see solutions? Where do you want to slow down, take a different path, and view things through these new eyes? I encourage you to sit with this idea, and see where you can apply it to your own life. I love writing about the simple things in life, and how we can think about them differently. This change in thinking can have a significant impact on our lives. To join in this conversation or let me know what you think, head on over to my Contact Page.