The Object of Extreme Gratitude

What does your sock drawer have to do with it?

Is it silly? Is it weird? Should I be embarrassed to tell you about it? I'm not sure. But, after feeling the success of it all. I just can't help but share it with you.

The other day, my friend Ellen sparked a conversation on gratitude and how it can impact our world, especially abundance. As I was sharing some of my thoughts, I wondered... Is there an example that we could tap into no matter what our current situation is?

We know to look at the blue sky or the rain falling and focus on our gratitude for the amazing-ness of mother nature. We know to hold our loved ones tight or watch them as we feel the intense gratitude for all they are and all they bring to our lives. We know to pause before a delicious dish or beautiful piece of fresh fruit, and feel the gratitude for what we have. We know to drink our water with a conscious thought -- since people in some areas of the world only know clean water as a pure luxury or even as nonexistent -- and remember how grateful we are to have clean drinking water.

Of course. we often need to remind ourselves to pause and remember to focus on and really feel grateful for these types of everyday experiences. (It's all about that mindfulness practice, isn't it? More about that in a future post.)

Can it be any more extreme than that? When I say extreme, I mean, can we choose to focus and feel gratitude when these everyday items lose some of their luster or it's been awhile since we've enjoyed an intensely delicious meal ? What if we are really struggling? What if we feel like we need to climb out of the abyss? Where can we put our focus?

Let's get even more specific. What if I am packing up my belongings because I am losing my home? What if I am battling illness or my mobility will only let me move a short distance? What if I am alone and feeling lonely? What if I don't know how I will feed my family for the rest of the week? Is it possible for me to really feel grateful in this situation? Can I put my focus somewhere to feel joy, peace, and genuine gratitude?

Going back to the conversation sparked by Ellen, I thought of sock drawers. I'm not sure why. But, I wanted to think of a common item many of us have, and seldom focus our gratitude. If I have enough socks to cover my feet for the next 7 days. Isn't that abundance? Can I focus on my gratitude for that type of abundance?

And if I do, is that enough to shift my vibe to be more in alignment with abundance? I believe it is a start. Let me tell you more.

I believe you can go to the sock drawer, bring the socks out one by one, or in pairs, and really feel grateful for what you have there. Maybe some were gifts, maybe some you remember buying, maybe some are soft, maybe some are particularly warm and cozy. I say you can love them, appreciate them, think about how much you enjoy wearing them, really feel those feelings. The feelings are what it's all about, right? Place the socks back in the drawer (or the suitcase, or the laundry basket, or a plastic bag) with gentleness and appreciation.

Really amp it up. You are doing it, gratitude superstar. Are you feeling silly? Just wait, stay with me.

As you leave those socks, you then walk around noticing other things for which you can feel that same type of gratitude. And when you can look for things and feel that gratitude over and over, it begins to build like a snowball. At first, you have just a handful of loose snow, but the more you pack it and pack it, the more it builds upon itself becoming something all together different. So walk around, what do you see, where can you focus your gratitude?

OK, still feeling silly? Don't worry if you do, keep packing that snowball of gratitude and abundance. You don't have to blog about it. But, aren't you glad that I did.

Gratitude is the open door to abundance - Yogi Bhajan