Pop Sugar Reading Challenge 2018

I have posted my challenge list for 2018 so that I can

keep track of it and share it with you, too. 

And, all links below are for your informational

purposes only, they are not affiliate links. 

1. A book made into a movie you've already seen

2. True Crime

I Am the Central Park Jogger: A Story of Hope and Possibility

3. The next book in a series you started

4. A book involving a heist

5. Nordic noir

6. A novel based on a real person

7. A book set in a country that fascinates you

8. A book with a time of day in the title

9. A book about a villain or antihero


10. A book about death or grief

How They Croaked by Georgia Bragg

11. A book with a female author who uses a male pseudonym

12. A book with an LGBTQ+ protagonist

Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee

13. A book that is also a stage play or musical

Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl

14. A book by an author of a different ethnicity than you

Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood by Trevor Noah

15. A book about feminism

All the Single Ladies by Rebecca Traister 

16. Book dealing with mental health

  • The Silver Linings Playbook or

  • Man’s Search for Meaning

17. A book you borrowed or that was given to you as a gift

Grace, Not Perfection by Emily Ley

18. A book by two authors

  • America's First Daughter by Stephanie Dray & Laura Kamoie or

  • Last Christmas in Paris: A Novel of World War I

19. A book about or involving a sport

Lucky Bastard by Joe Buck

20. A book by a local author

American Beat or something else, I'm still thinking about this. 

21. A book with your favorite color in the title

The Purple Diaries: Mary Astor and the Most Sensational Hollywood Scandal of the 1930s

22. A book with alliteration in the title

Rescue RoadOne Man, Thirty Thousand Dogs, and a Million Miles on the Last Hope Highway 😊 

23. A book about time travel

  • The Map of Time or

  • The Next Together by Lauren James

  • or something else, I'm still thinking about this. 

24. A book with a weather element in the title

Gorillas in the Mist by Dian Fossey

25. A book set at sea

A Year by the Sea by Joan Anderson

26. A book with an animal in the title

27. A book set on a different planet

The Mighty Mars Rovers

28. A book with song lyrics in the title

Go Tell it on the Mountain by James Baldwin

29. A book about or set on Halloween 

30. A book with characters who are twins

Pieces of My Sister’s Life

31. A book mentioned in another book

32. A book from a celebrity book club

  • A New World or

  • Underground Railroad or

  • Wild by Cheryl Strayed

33. A childhood classic you've never read

Complete Beatrix Potter or maybe another 

34. A book that's published in 2018

Tiny Life Changes 😊 written by two of my Instagram friends

35. A past Goodreads Choice Awards winner

  • Columbine or

  • Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls, and Everything in Between by Lauren Graham

36. A book set in the decade you were born (60s)

  • His Own Where or

  • Three Day Summer 

37. A book you meant to read in 2017 but didn't get to

The Universe Has Your Back

38. A book with an ugly cover

La Linea by Ann Jaramillo 

39. A book that involves a bookstore or library

The Bookshop on the Corner

40. Your favorite prompt from the 2015, 2016, or 2017 - a book you picked up at a used book sale

Save Karyn by Karyn Bosnak

Advanced Reading Challenge List

1. A bestseller from the year you graduated high school  

  • The Color Purple or

  • The Umpire Strikes Back by Ron Luciano or

  • North and South by John Jakes or

  • The Tao of Pooh 

2. A cyberpunk book

3. A book that was being read by a stranger in a public place –

  • Fred Factor or 

  • I’ll Have What She’s Having or

  • Breaking In: The Rise of Sonia Sotomayor

4. A book tied to your ancestry

5. Book with a fruit or vegetable in the title

Traveling With Pomegranates: A Mother-Daughter Story

6. An allegory

The Life of Pi 

7. A book by an author with the same first or last name as you 

  • The House on Willow Street by Cathy Kelly

  • Crush: Writers reflect on love, longing, and the lasting power of their first celebrity crush by Cathy Alter

  • My granddaughter has fleas by Cathy Guisewite

  • Heart of a Dolphin by Cathy Hapka

8. A microhistory

9. A book about a problem facing society today

10. A book recommended by someone else taking the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge