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Where can you go to find a beautiful and empowering message of insight and encouragement?

Right here. Each Peace & Power Chat will be a 3 - 5 minute audio that you can connect with and listen to, and get a super duper quick boost of energy, positivity, and re-framing. 

I have always liked and gained the most benefit from short, easy to consume nuggets of information and inspiration. And, that's my plan for this unique audio blog.

You'll feel like you are sitting right here with me. Each Chat is a conversation that I have directly with you to help you, empower you, lift your spirits, get you ready for a great day, a great week. Our topics come directly from my own personal development practices and the elements that I use with my coaching clients.

All of the content is broken down into quick gems of information followed by laser-

focused, easy to implement action steps. But, don't let the words "quick" and "easy to implement" fool you. Each Chat will be packed full of value. You will find yourself getting excited about your goals, and taking steps to live a more inspired life. After each Chat, you will have a new action to take, a practice to try, an attitude to adopt. You will walk away empowered and encouraged -- ready to move yourself forward. Each Tuesday, a new dose of Peace & Power will be waiting for you.

Don't miss a single episode, join the Peace & Power Tribe and make sure each

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materials, downloads, and resources that can take it all a step further. 

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