This page showcases my Peace & Power project, a 3-week video series that provided viewers with the opportunity to learn and apply a gentle method to move from fear and limitation to confidence and action. This step by step process can be applied to any area of your life where you have doubt, uneasiness, or hesitation. 

I've made the materials available on this page for special friends to view. On this page, you will find 5 videos. The first is an introductory video explaining the series, followed by the 3 lessons --

  • Session One: Identify Your Limiting Beliefs. Learn and experience a gentle 2-step process 

  • Session Two:  Clear Your Limiting Beliefs. Discover and use simple exercises designed to help you find peace

  • Session Three:  Celebrate Your New Normal. Take your new found peace and move into powerful action

Then capped off with a bonus video titled, Staying Power. And, an audio recording of I Am Statements is also included as a resource below. 

Audio Recording  - I Am Statements

I Am Statements - Cathy Huffman
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