Congratulations and thank you for taking your personal development one step further. This truly is an empowering and life changing place to be. 


As you watch the Staying Power video, you will learn to take the Peace & Power techniques to a new level, discover new perspectives, and be challenged (in a gentle way) to put your new normal to work for you and your dreams.


My vision for you is that this next step on your Peace & Power journey encourages you to live a bolder and more rewarding life. Now is the time to take the action that you have been most hesitant to take. As you've taken the steps to move past your fear, you have put your focus on the real YOU - the Deserving, the Powerful, the Unstoppable You.  


Click on the Peace & Power banner below and you will be taken directly to the video. 


If you have any difficulty with the video link, please email me cathyhuffman9 at gmail dot com and I will provide a solution for you.