I Want to Learn EFT

As an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, I am fascinated and

passionate about this technique's power to shift my energy, which in turn shifts my

experiences, my outlook, and my results. Working with EFT since 2008, I love the

combination of coaching and EFT as it provides a process for clearing limiting beliefs

and energies first, which leaves a solid and positive foundation for moving forward

toward your life's desires and goals.


What is EFT? Simply described, EFT (also commonly known as tapping) is a

process that involves tapping on meridian endpoints (or acupressure points) to

disrupt the negative flow of energy that often occurs after an event or experience

that you might describe as troubling, frustrating or even traumatic. It is especially

valuable for clearing the emotional charge associated with a memory or experience,

even those experiences from childhood.

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