I don't believe in or use the term New Year's Resolution. I do believe in a success formula.  
I have helped my most successful clients identify their goals, shift limiting thoughts 
that are getting in their way, and take regular and consistent steps to reach their goals.


Start this year differently. Make an investment in you.

Set your intention with a Living Vision. And use it daily to energize you to success.

Do you want 2016 to be different?   Do you want to let go of negative thoughts?
Do you want to frame your intention for the new year with positivity and empowerment?

Would you take 45 minutes to launch your vision for your best year yet?


Join me for a special One on One session
to launch your NEW YEAR.


In this session, you will have a partner and guide who will help you:

  >  Identify what you want in the coming year (and what you don't want).

  >  Uncover the why of your desires for 2016 - freedom, confidence, success, fulfillment?

  >  Learn empowering language to give you a positive spark of energy and motivation (when you most need it).

  >  Experience the uplifting vibe of a Living Vision.

  >  Receive a recording of your Living Vision that you can tune into over and over again. 


The Create Your New Year's Vision session is $75. This private 45 minute Skype or telephone call is devoted to you and your best year yet.  


Email or use my contact form to let me know your are ready to launch your incredible 2016. I'll email you to schedule your time, and send you a PayPal invoice to make your payment. Payment is required prior to your session. 


Act quickly if you would like to enjoy your Create Your New Year's Vision session right on New Year's Day. (Times available on January 1, 2 and 3.)