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I'm thrilled to have you here - as a participant in the Peace & Power series with Cori Stong and me, you have likely felt a shift in the way you view your limiting beliefs and fears. Congratulations. It is an empowering and life changing place to be. You identified what was standing in your way, and you began to accept the very existence of that fear or limiting belief. You then shifted your perspective on expanding your comfort zone, and used beautiful I AM Statements to flood your mind with powerful self talk. As you turned your attention and your energy toward the possibilities that were beginning to emerge for you, the fears and limiting beliefs loosened their hold on you. They began to fade into the background. 

During this time, you may have wondered -- now that I have arrived at this new normal of Peace & Power, where do I go now, how do I make it stick? Here is your opportunity to take that next step, learn about ways to consistently feel this delightful confidence and energy, and apply what you have learned to other areas of your life. Enter your information below and receive an exclusive Staying Power video lesson that I have created especially for you. 

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