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About Me

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.  I know the thoughts that we think and the energy we carry impact our lives in real tangible ways. To build a life infused with joy, peace, abundance, freedom, and harmony, it is necessary to hold beliefs that are aligned with those good feeling vibrations. And, my passion is helping my clients access and breathe into all of that good stuff. I have learned a variety of processes and practices that focus on elements such as gratitude, acceptance, and creating a vision for your life.

As a Certified Professional Success Coach, I've been trained and possess the skills to help you see where your habits, patterns, and mindset are holding you back. I also rely on my natural abilities and intuition to provide a safe and nurturing environment that will invite you to see your situation in a new way.

I work with women who are ready to live a bigger life. Is that you? Are you ready to release limiting beliefs and behaviors or stories that are holding you back from all that you desire? 

As an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, I am fascinated and passionate about this technique's power to shift my energy, which in turn shifts my experiences, my outlook, and my results. Working with EFT since 2008, I love the combination of coaching and EFT as it provides a process for clearing limiting beliefs and energies first, which leaves a solid and positive foundation for moving forward toward your life's desires and goals.

Simply described, EFT (also commonly known as Tapping) is a process that involves tapping on meridian endpoints (or acupressure points) to disrupt the negative flow of energy that often occurs after an event or experience that you might describe as troubling, frustrating or even traumatic. It is especially valuable for clearing the emotional charge associated with a memory or experience, even those experiences from childhood.

As a Communications Leader, I have enjoyed nearly 25 years leading not-for-profit organizations, associations and small businesses in the areas of marketing communications, community and public relations, team leadership, strategic planning, and employee engagement.

During this time, I developed a unique and effective approach of combining empathetic listening and perspective shifting to help others see the bigger picture and strive to achieve greater results. This approach is very valuable in my coaching today.

While I have experience in many areas of marketing and communications and am still engaged in that work, this site is dedicated to my passion of encouraging and coaching others as they create a more meaningful life filled with energy, confidence, and success.

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